© Cuban Marine Art. All Rights Reserved. Felix Martínez Villalonga Felo Villalonga is recognized around the Globe for his Exclusive Marine Views, Wild Life Scenes and his famous Cuban Country Views. Felix Martínez Villalonga is a plastic artist recognized around the globe by his unique style of scuba underwater paintings, famous marine and acuatic life views, as well as his exclusive and panoramic country views. Former director of San Alejandor Cuba's School for the Plastic Arts in Havana. He was born on January 28 in La Habana, Cuba. Years later he moved to Isla de Pinos.  He began working professionally in 1976 in an advertising graphic. Together with excellent painters heirs of the Spanish School, and one of the most prestigious art schools of America San Alejandro, is dedicated to the theme mural at an early age.  Years later reaches the level of graphic designer and muralist accredited company. He studied at art school to become an instructor after two years. Studies at the Institute of Design, majoring in industrial design and interior ambiance. His artistic activity has always been marked by a prolific activity. After an extended period of solo exhibitions, group, murals and environments, social and individual work and others, reaches one of the highest awards in Cuban culture. At first, manifest in his paintings the landscape, portraits. still lifes, and more. Attracted by Russian painters, devotes her life to studying some of them to collect art by such masters as Shinshkin and Aivazovsky.  Inspired by the Caribbean Sea underwater landscapes and experienced diver capacity, then begins his time in painting underwater. Travel the European world, participating in several solo and group exhibitions in countries such as France, Spain (Majorca), Germany, etc.. The influence of teachers of Catalan painting as Luis Roura, Dalí Croagna and give guidance to focus the underwater theme.  In the seabed of the island, practiced the singular style of painting under the sea, becoming one of the few painters who buy the art. In this chapter of his career, the sea becomes his source of inspiration which comes to light and colorful landscapes that not everyone is accustomed to seeing. His usual way of working light, sometimes almost unreal, like I hinted at a way to life, gives it a spiritual meaning to the subject. We all seek the light that comes from above and only get to see those who believe in it, says Villalonga with great faith and conviction. He currently resides in Florida where he has participated in several exhibitions. His works have been published in catalogs hospitalizations as Art Nexus, Fine Arts Havana, Cuba Wonder of the World, Galeria Las Americas Miami, Matanzas Cuba, etc. Made by 1Energy1 Inc