Your home says who you are and what you value, so does the landscaping and hardscaping. Curb appeal is everything, if your house looks good, so should your property. When planning the "look" of your home, one the most important things to consider are your patios, pool decks, walkways and driveways, they should be wide enough to fit people, lawn furniture, or in the case of driveways, cars and people.  Walks should be at least 3 ft (1 m) wide and a wider walk lends more grace to an entrance.  People enjoy walking on paths with gentle curves, and pavers can define and enlarge space for planting beds.  Driveways should be at least 10 - 12ft wide when straight and at least 14 ft wide at curves.  Consider providing a space in front of the garage to turn around or to fit an extra car for guest parking.  A turn around space needs to be atleast 12 - 18ft.  The driveway should join a walkway to the house.

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