Casa    Colonial    Casamayor ”,    also    known    as    La Casona   de   Infanta ”,   is   a   colonial   house,   where   we offer   accommodation   to   anyone   who   wants   to   rent   a room.   It   is   located   in   the   heart   of   Havana,   Cuba,   taking the    entrance    and    the    view    of    the    balconies    to    the central    Infanta    Avenue,    near    the    famous    Malecón Habanero,    the    University    of    Havana,    the    Napolonic Museum,   etc.   This   is   a   private   house,   whose   owner   is Mrs.   Nancy   (you   can   see   her   photo   on   the   slides   left), here    you    will    be    greeted    with    the    typical    hospitality warmth   of   Cubans   and   you   can   enjoy   your   stay   in   Cuba feeling like family.
Casa Colonial Casamayor
Accommodation in The Heart of Havana, Cuba
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